Yours truly

A House Down The Road is an everflowing stream of musical discoveries and adventures written by the pen of badass Canadian AnneMarie and British gentleman Nicholas. It started with an unplanned trip to England and a chat about the Canadian music scene. Then followed a charming first encounter, a shared infatuation for music and a sure fascination for concerts. A summer brimming with melodies. Time went by and their own ways they went. This blog is a space to perpetuate their indubitable love for their nation’s music scene as well as nursing their respective broken heart.

We love the emotion in music and the emotions generated by it. We will do our very best to convey that emotion in this humble space.

We hiked le Mont-Royal, Montreal.

We hiked le Mont-Royal, Montreal.

AnneMarie is a québécoise, with enough room in her heart for the wilderness of Canada and the old charm of England. Apart from being a skilled cyclist and a mediocre joke teller, she contibutes to Weird Canada. She tweets random things @ledaintyboudoir. She gathers most of her music on Rdio.

Nicholas is a Sussex native, living in the musical hotbed that is Brighton (well, Hove, actually). Apart from being a skilled linguist and mediocre lover, he contributes to Brighton Noise, blogs at anebbingtide, and gathers most of his music on Spotify.


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