Warm Graves – Ships Will Come


Occasionally you stumble across a record that you can’t put down. Occasionally you find a record that rewards you with each listen. Occasionally you discover a record that strikes an emotional chord; a record that becomes part of your narrative and the tapestry of your life. Ships Will Come by Warm Graves is one such record for me.

The 7 pieces of music that make up Ships Will Come are intricate soundscapes that drift in and out of consciousness, intermittently enveloping the head or piercing the heart. Warm Graves describe their music as “sci-fi-delic”, and an ethereal mysticism flows through each track. But there is a lot more to Ships Will Come: It is a film-score of a record that flickers like a vintage masterpiece as analogue burns and scratches combine with flashes of melodic light to tell an ever-changing story both beguiling and uplifting.

Ships Will Come oozes cinematographic atmosphere from every pore. The recording process involved a youth choir performing in a graveyard, and it works perfectly – a sober gravity cradles youthful fervour throughout, with vocals that conjure images of Benedictine monks reciting Gregorian chants in grand and imposing chambers. There is a wonderful depth and communal, almost transcendental feel to the experience. Gentle lapping waves of ambient drone are punctured by bursts of drug-induced euphoria that last long into the night. Each listen is an experience, an affirmation, a lesson.

I can’t recommend this enough.