The Week That Was #12

Yesterday Warm Brains released the four track EP Happy Accidents on Art is Hard Records. It has been on constant repeat at AHDTR towers ever since and forget this past week: it’s one of my favourites from the past year. We wrote about the title track back in November, calling it “an upbeat and altogether jolly affair” which might have been a bit of a surprise to Rory Attwell, the brains behind the, er, ‘Brains. However, throughout the EP – even in it’s more reflective moments, there is something almost celebratory about it to this listener. Two Fingered Salute epitomises this, with a chorus so rich and warm it makes me want to ditch the coat and frolic in the snow.

Jaguar Cub are a new band from Brighton (and as a man who treats facebook like gospel, they must be new; they only signed up 12 days ago) who have just dropped two demos. Deep Ends is the first of the two, and it is the kind of song that demands your attention from the very first moment, creating poised atmosphere and screaming anthem. With gravelly vocals, guitars that cut swathes through mountainous grooves, and scattergun drums that bristle and spit, Deep Ends is a grand statement of intent. We’re pretty excited to see what comes next.

Francis Lung slows things right back down with the delicate and touching Age Limits. It’s a gorgeous ballet, full of incandescent beauty that sparkles as it twirls you around the dancefloor. It glides along until Tom McLung’s emotionally brittle and rather astounding vocals break out into a reverb drenched loveliness which sounds like a modern gospel for the Manchester rain.

Vancouver band Weed released their debut LP Deserve earlier this year. It’s loud, discordant, abrasive, and oppresive, and yet behind the reverb and feedback, curiously melodic. Set Me Back is the lead single from the LP, it’s murky shutters well and truly down, only occasionally releasing glimpses of light into the dank shadows of sound. Love it.

We’ll stay with grunge, but a less fuggy brand. Wrexham’s Mowbird are in the midst of releasing two singles on two different labels, the harlots. Happy Active Horse Organ, released on Popty Ping Records, mixes post punky grunge with surf rock and youthful effervescence. The second single, Brompton, released on Shape Records, is a short and sugary headrush through pop fields and punk hedges.

Halifax, Canada’s Moon released their self-titled debut EP in 2013, a veritable treasure trove and sonic bazaar, spanning the kind of locked-in groove krautrock that makes you wonder what would happen if it never ended, to off-kilter pop songs full of electronica loops and mathematical equations. It’s complicated and fun, and Dented in The Bag combines the two to great effect. The vocals sound suspiciously like Kings Of Leon layered over a spikey motorik beat, before it heads off into more psychedelic territory as the rhythm section is cranked up to propel the song off into the aether.


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