The Week That Was #11

It’s a short one this week, as Christmas is coming. Yay. We have been busy devouring lists, not to forgetting to write our own Christmas lists to Santa. Plans are afoot here at A House Down The Road for our own end of year celebration, The 12 Days of Christmas, where for 12 days (geddit?) we’ll be reviewing some of our own personal highlights of the year from Canada and Britain, and look forward to 2014 – all leading up to our albums and songs of the year. In the meantime, here is a quick rundown on some of the fucking fantastic stuff I have been listening to this week, mostly in the form of some of the best EPs released in 2013.

I’m obsessed by R.L. Kelly’s debut EP, Life’s a Bummer. It really isn’t with music like this around, the melancholic aura surrounding the vocals is drowned out by the spikey yet sanguine fuzz that envelops them. You’re Not the Only Monster is deceptively buoyant and is a perfect lo-fi pop song to document the disillusion generation

Holy Esque’s self-titled EP sounds more desperate than disillusioned. With anthemic hooks and searching vocals, Rose manages to simultaneously soar and implore

Don’t you just love seeing a band develop their sound with each release? Novella have cranked it up a notch with the recently released Murmurs EP, packed full of immersive, hypnotic grooves that swirl around your bobbing head.

Elvis Depressedly’s blink and you’ll miss it EP Holo Pleasures is full of off kilter joy. Teeth is the perfect embodiment of this; a short yet swampy, gorgeous mess with a cheery hook that carves through the song.

The Holy Cross EP by Fog Lake is a piece of work marked by understated lo-fi beauty. Stark landscapes are chiselled, within which charming off-kilter nooks appear to stop your heart

I’ll end as I started so forget sore tummies: Paws summery slacker-pop brings joy to the heart and butterflies to the tummy.


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