7Tracks #8 (L’amour)

A thousand skilled writers already wrote the words I wanted to say, in a much more clever way.

Writing about love, no matter how breathtaking and beautiful and romantic it is, becomes an strenuous experience for me, at each try. I am guessing it is the same for the mass. Nevertheless people might be much more tenacious than myself; my ears are filled with heartwarming tunes these days. The process of writing might be just as personal as the listening experience. And I am well aware it has to do with the mindset, the way I interpret lyrics and melodies. No matter how beautiful some Bon Iver songs are, listening to them takes me to a dark place; it’s associated with a very painful period of my life. The playlist I made this week was harder than ever to write about, the words were not coming. I just know how at peace and cheerfuly exposed they make me feel. I am a pretty transparent person; I love when something brings out the best in me.

I couldn’t properly describe the emotions and they are quite unimportant in this context. I still wrote a little something about 3 of my favourites but frankly, let your heart guide you. ❤

Saying that Valleys wrote a powerful love song would be an understatement. With ‘Are You Going To Stand There And Talk Weird All Night?’ the Montreal duo creates a sweet and melodic atmosphere for grievance. I have been listening to it in the morning as much as bed time and it leaves me light hearted, grounded. Basically, their music seem to evocate that yes, life is tough, but keep yourself in a positive, rational haze and you’ll do okay. Undream a dream has played on a loop in my head since the person I am in love with brought it to my attention while I was sitting at my desk trying to warm myself up with wool socks and tea. It gives me hope and makes me love his heart even more.

Sibylle Baier ‘Colour Green’ album is a precious endeavour, recorded in the early 1970’s at home in Germany. Most of the experience that transpires in that listen comes from the romantic story behind it. An album kept in a drawer, never brought to the public’s attention until 2004 when her son gave a copy of it to Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis. So I read online. Tonight depicts a banal moment in a couple’s day while painting a sadness and a closeness. It’s the privacy of a relationship between two people that makes my heart melt.

My love and appreciation for house shows is nothing new, it’s explained here. Last Saturday night was the set of a special experience for me.  Graydon James and his partner Laura Spink as well as Gabrielle Papillon played in a friend’s living room, taking turns at making our hearts swoon with their heartfelt folk music. A particular tune that Gabrielle played, Go Into The Night, brought tears to my eyes. She told the story behind her writing; her great great grand father was a light house keeper, living with his wife and helper alone on this tiny island. The night her great great grand mother went into labor with her great grand mother, there was a terrible storm. But there were complications with the birth and her great great grand father and helper went off into the night to get a doctor. And drowned. The song tells me the story of a strong commitment and love between two people and no matter how sad the story really is, I listen to it again and again.

Other beauty:

Visrei – Firmament

Paula – Totally Nice

Faces on Film – Make Nice


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