7Tracks #7 (post-zenith)

This one is long overdue.

What might be easily tolerable to some will seem like a mountain to others. I am a pretty impatient person. And don’t talk to me about letting the time work its magic, about ‘trusting life’. Well, so I thought. The last two months felt like a laborious hike, one that I was going through blind folded. Earlier in my life, this situation would have caused serious damages to my head but this time, I went through it quite peacefully, confident. It might be all about taking control after all. And maybe growing up. It’s also about listening to the right music while you’re in it.

The last few weeks were filled with good tunes. Fellow A House Down The Road writer came to spend time with me in Canada; needless to say we filled our times with listening sessions. Hell, sharing with each other the stuff we listen to is the whole reason behind this endeavour! 7Tracks #7 is a mix of tunes I’ve been listening to since he left, songs that moves my heart and make me smile, all for different reasons.

Anna Mayberry, of much appreciated  noisy punk band HSY, released an EP as solo project ANAMAI.  Altar Coals is nothing of the sludgy, loud energy of the band; it’s more of a lo-fi, folky dream, one where the layers between her phantom-ish vocals and  hazy guitar notes saturare the space with placidnss. With Adult Diversion, ALVVAYS managed to create a pop song full of summer reverie and lighthearted lyrics; similar to the summer haze Average Times tinges their punk music with. Leave me alone might seem harsh in its lyrics but their speedy punk his so happy, it makes me want to run around in the streets, kicking garbage cans while feasting on ice cream. Then again, Mint Records‘s Hot Panda has the same effect on me. Start making sense  is upbeat and joyous, makes me want to dance. There is nothing not to love about Hot Panda, just makes life seem less complicated.

Our empire(yeah yeah..) all the was across the Atlantic surely crafts all kinds of upbeat punk-ish noises, in fact I know they do. But I fell in love with extraordinaire label Bella Union with Money, and from Alessi’s Ark to Concrete Knives to I Break Horses, they have to be my favourite label of the year.  With Porcelain, Snowbird creates a gem, driven by the romantic piano notes and the singer’s enigmatic voice; nothing is quite as mystifying as this. It has me sit still and consume. Ballet School is a whole other game. It’s rapid synth-pop, it’s 80s Pat Benatar style makes me want to dance. I love that bands still make this kind of pop. I need it in my life. Note; these shows are the best place for a dance night, in my opinion.

Lastly, Sarah Jane Johnston, an Ontario songstress who adopted Quebec City, recorded a live take of The Long Tease. There is something quite impressive about how sincere and wistful her polished voice sounds. She sings of heartbreaks and sorrows in a way that keeps me warm. She has me singing along.

Love, ❤


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