AUSTRA // FORGIVE ME (Official Video)

“A night vision camera captures life in a dark park. Among the hidden corners and leaf-covered hideaways, people purge and absolve their sins through sexual liberation. We highlight a romance between a man and a women who seek forgiveness from each other: the only forgiveness that is of any importance.” – Katie Stelmanis’s statement on Forgive me

Electro pop torontians Austra, creators of dreams and fantasies, released in June the romanesque ‘Olympia’. The LP seems filled with the heaviest emotions of heart wrenching love stories. Loneliness, betrayal,  longing…  Forgive me  is statuesque track exploring the theme of regrets.  The tender back vocals seem to act as a reassurement while the cry for forgiveness is heard within Stelmanis’s voice, brimming with emotions.  All its despair might seem too familiar to some and so will the video, filled with sexual indulgences. Set in a park, after dark, a couple, which one of the two is trans,  explore sexual pleasures outside of their relationships, their behaviours deeply affecting themselves, their hearts forgiving. It bears a certain uneasiness that will bring the viewer to introspect their own conceptions of trust and desire and partnership, etc. Director Claire Edmondson accomplishes what art does best: provoke. She challenges our perspective of human behaviours with a perverse imagery while mixing it with beautiful aesthetics, harmonizing Austra’s genesis to her images. In an era where sexuality is so often reduce to short and concise strips, it’s refreshing to humanize its effect in this artsy way.


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