On The Radar // GRASS HOUSE

Grass House

Grass House

After arriving in 2011 with singles Faun and A Cradle, A Short Breath; songs which are cinematic in scale, seemingly conceived to soundtrack a western, Grass House recently released their debut LP, A Sun Full And Drowning. The album carefully cultivates this feel, with songs full of widescreen suspense and poise. The lyrics are delivered in a drawl of disdainful dissatisfaction, with just a hint of menace tinged on lead singer Liam Palmer’s breath. One can imagine him recording in a pub, all spit and sawdust, whiskey in hand, recounting tales and painting vivid pictures of love and loss with his wisened, baritone voice.

Grass House are masters of atmosphere and A Sun Full and Drowning captures this down to the very last detail. The music serenades Palmer’s tales of apocalypse that chart a poetic disconnect between nature and mankind, a disconnect that sounds better away from the internet, imagined on an old gramophone in some shack with crumbling walls and shaky floors.


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