On The Radar // GAPS


It might be lazy and cliched but when I think of British cities I imagine them as each having their own ‘sound’. In this way when I picture Manchester I don’t so much picture rain as gloomy, unpretentious (and pretentious) indie. For Leeds read brash realism, for Birmingham sounds ignored by the rest of the country and for Liverpool, well, the Beatles. Brighton, as one might expect, does it a little differently and to me sounds like dance music and electronica, but what else do you expect when it’s most famous son is Norman Cook, and it’s most famous daughter is Katie Price.

GAPS brand of ambient electronica has caused a small splash in the blogosphere and they are about to release a follow up to July’s euphoric debut single, Keep You. I Know It’s You drops on 9th December, slowing the pace down to near standstill with indistinct and otherworldly vocals that lull you into slumber, and guitars that chime a musical clock, giving the song enough of a sense of urgency so that the 3 minutes and 29 seconds you are immersed in fly by. GAPS make music perfect for this season of long nights and short days; their lush soundscapes are bursting full with rich colours, the warm electronica something akin to sitting by the fire, drying off and basking in its glow as the world outside withers and dies.


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