7tracks #6 (agitation)

Positive agitation.

This week has been a mixture of emotions. It has been both great and stressful, it went by incredibly fast.  Most of it came from finishing my work contract, being jobless, thinking about the future, being excited about my birthday and even more about my friend(and fellow A House Down The Road writer) hoping on a plane to Canada to visit me. All this excitement turned into a state of agitation. Nothing a great fucking sludge noisy fest like HSY could not fix. The Toronto-based musicians are a treat to hear live especially in the rock shelter that can be Le Sous-Sol du Cercle. Their loud mix of vocals and heavy drum pounding blew my mind. Doomsquad then followed, bringing some psychedelic noises and melodic vocals to the evening. All in all, if you aren’t familiar with these bands, now is the time. Saturday night marked the calendar for the best gig I have seen so far in 2013. AroarA is a favourite of A House Down The Road and we both got to appreciate their immensely beautiful talent. If there is one thing I could listen to now until forever, I wouldn’t mind it being In The Pines. They are in total harmony when playing live and Ariel is my definition of charm.   I could not make it this year but Halifax Pop Explosion was going strong all week in the beloved capital of Nova Scotia. If there is one music festival to see in one city of Canada, I would say it’s this one. Not only does the proximity of the Atlantic appeals doubtlessly but the folks are the loveliest. I could pick 10 bands and up to listen to but Ketamines’ speedy garage rock and TOPS new age candy pop must have been pretty good gigs. All hail Canadian bands! Halifax is also home to a PR firm called Pigeon Row. They share the best stuff on their soundcloud which led me to discover garage rockers Beached Out this week. Something in between the music The Organ use to make but without the sad sorrow à la Joy Division. Staying in (bad) comparaison mode, a fellow Weird Canada contributor shared Prom with me. Nothing brings me to tears like the vocals and texts of The National’s Matt Berninger except maybe these guys. They probably are the best new thing I have heard all month. Much, much calmer after playing them on repeat.


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