7tracks #5 ((slow)dance mix)

This playlist is an embrace to the death of summer. ❤

A week, similar to some I see every year, where I played witness to the change of season. The massively old maple trees in the backyard of my family house, the ones that only  seem to grow smaller with every year I get bigger, have changed color and started to let their leaves fall. In my eyes, everything is beautiful and sad, this time of the year.

I have been listening to disheartening songs and somehow, it managed to give me more hopes than heartaches. In a ‘fight fire with fire’ manner maybe. Kind of.

Los Angeles’ Tashaki Miyaki brings to the world a mixture of late 60’s psychedelic pop and a melancholic shoe gaze rock. It’s something to slowdance to, in the arms of your favourite person. Their cover of The Everly Brothers I wonder if I’d care as much, is a lo-fi, hopefully dismal tune. Staying in brooding feelings from California, P.R.I.N.T.S feeds my gloomy heart with Work This Out. I could not find more if their music, but I’ll have this song on repeat until it happens. Berlin based canadian songstress  Emma Czerny  AKA Magic Island  created Baby Blu and I wish I did.  She sings of what time spent with a lover should be like, of uncomplicated silliness and nakedness. And confidence.  Her way to fashion pop reminded me of Mozart’s Sister dreamy electronica. Which is why the Montreal popstress beat maker is next. A friend of mine shared with me  Lost it to trying by bedroom pop experimentalist Son Lux. Like a crescendo of hope; agressive noises toped with lyrics of disbelief sang in harmonic high pitch voice. His new album ‘Latterns’ is out next week and streaming here.  Cosmic Thoughts lo-fi feast No Youth acted, with it’s familiar sounds, like a reminder that I am not the only one feeling lost in this day and age. So much for creating a conceptual playlist. Closing in on it is Manchester 4-piece Patterns, a band I discovered in my summer of british life. This Haze and everything else they released sounds nothing like the somber sounds of what Manchester is known for. It’s summery and aery. The full lenght will be out in January.  Highly anticipated.



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