7tracks #4 (productivity)

This week, I missed all the good gigs. I had a minor but annoying health issue which kept me from enjoying anything else than sleeping. Gigs like friends, although quite delightful, will survive without me. My writing though, won’t be done without my involvement. I desperately tried to find music to set my brain in creation mode. It did not work as I contemplated but the tunes are great.

Bitch Media is beyond comparaison in my constent discovery of excellent feminist music. Take The Neo Boys as an example. The rioty sounds from the late 70s american punk scene makes me want to rock to shreds. It is a great reminder that speaking your mind, through any form of art, is fucking vital. The Beets, yet another ensemble from the States, brings popish punk to the table since 2004 and their song ‘Silver Nickels and Golden Dimes’ just brought me back to what I was doing(trying to write) when it came on, like a nice slap in the face. Impromptu dance session are imperative to the(my) creative process and for the last two weeks, most of them have been done to the sound of Haim. Since the EP ‘Forever’ from last year, I have been a fan of their hippy pop and the album ‘Days are Gone’  is a party of Pat Benatar and Fleetwood Mac-ish catchy tunes. Not for everyone, but suitable for me. Electro rock Montrealers Handsome Furs broke up last year and it was sad and all, they rocked pretty hard, Repatrieted might be my favourite piece. Islands had not release anything to my taste since 2006’s ‘Return to the Sea’. Entered ‘Ski Mask’ this month and the jinx is over. It’s a very bold record, one I will listen to more and more in the next weeks. There has to be one song I got ready to brave the day to everyday this week. British show gazing rockers Kins play music that sets me into a introspective mood, comtemplating my thoughts as if I was another being, which eases the worries. I love them for that. Lastly, YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN shared another single from their upcoming record UZU, dropping on the 29th of October, along with Arcade Fire and Moonface. A day of heavy rotation. I better get to work if I want to take that one off.


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