‘Milkin’ it’ Nirvana ‘In Utero’ Tribute


I’ll go on a limb and say it. I think every musicians  human being even remotely interested in music owes a little something to Nirvana. I know I do. I know that the summer I was 15, the then-10-yrs-old album ‘In Utero’ spinning on a loop in my grey discman shaped a lot of my personality and beliefs. I can recall vividly who introduced me to them and the first time they played it for me. Personally, it’s way up there on the list of ‘bands i’ll never get to see live’.

It’s ridiculous, the impact Nirvana had and still has to this day on various genres from pure grunge to shoegaze, to art rock, to garage, etc. They brought to light a new way of making music. A restless kind of rock, capable a hitting you, fast as fuck, right in the face. But also, capable of slowing all of it down for heartfelt vocals , with the same no-hope-for-this-world feeling of malaise. It was all very personal yet totally undeniable,  Let’s just say it wasn’t just music.


Twenty years after, seventeen Torontian bands from various independant labels,  are joining forces to pay tribute to this influence, bringing their own badass style to revisit the cult album that is ‘In Utero’.  All these talented bands, with the help of co-curator Hand Drawn Dracula, giving the best gift(the download is free) I could have imagined. Among my favourites, The Weather Station‘s ‘Pennyroyal Tea’,  Beliefs‘ ‘Heart-Shaped box’ and Ostrich Tuning‘s ‘Rape Me’. But seriously, it’s all unbelievable.

Treat yourself.

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