7tracks #3 (Reflection of the self)

Pigeon Row might be my favourite canadian label of the past year. Everything they touch seem to fall into the spectrum of my taste,  canadiana folk with salty Atlantic wind blowing all over. Slow Leaves is no different. The honesty of their personal texts is served over compelling guitar melodies, in a very sensible way.  In that sense, they could be the masculine side of Basia Bulat. Her most recent LP, came out last week. Slightly different from her previous work, it’s more  a mix of electronica and mature piano and guitar sounds. It has the same effect on me as anything she ever sang. It breaks my heart, it brings me to tears, it makes me sing along and most of all, reflect on my self. ❤

Tashaki Miyaki hit hard on my groove moves with their languorous cover of I can’t stand the rain. Listen to it, dance to it, make out to it, do yourself this favour.  Now,  Girls Names sets me into another kind of dance party. I stubbled upon that song right in the middle of an anxiety-filled computer/writing session and after a few seconds, I realised I was up, arms in the air, moving around with my eyes closed, in a dance-like-no-one-is-watching manner. Instant relief. Follows Weed and it’s loud, lo-fi ways and once again I closed my eyes. They rock hard in a saturated grunge way. I only dream of catching them live one day.

Part of my week’s reflections were fed by CHVRCHES‘s Lauren Mayberry recent essay adressing sexism and sexually agressive behaviours she faces in the industry. I cannot read any more comments about how fuckable or unfuckable women are. Or whatever the fuck people have to see about women’s bodies.  It upsets me greatly, the lack of understanding of the purpose of feminism but for now, just listen to the track, the whole album because they are talented to no end at THAT IS WHAT FUCKING MATTERS. Much love to them.

And I’ll  top it all up nicely. A fellow Weird Canada writer introduced me to ManChyna, fucking badass queer Canadian rapper. The song is pretty agressive, with alienish noises and references to The Cranberrie’s MEGA HIT and to Queen Bee. Hellz yeah.

Happy weekend xo


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