Photo from montrealmusicscene.com

Photo from montrealmusicscene.com

In the vein of talented people being in love –it seems like– head over heels and making music together, AroarA brings something slightly different but highly passionate to the mix. In the Pines, the Montreal Based duo first LP takes on the beautiful writings of american poet Alice Notley as the heartbeat of the album. It opens with a simple, innocent piano line and the voice of vocalist Ariel Engle fills the listener’s ears. The enterity of the full lenght is fairytale-esque, like a promenade through an enchanted forest(#8). Some pieces seem resentful and angry, some are joyous. All are loaded with the comtemplation of intense emotions, in a style faithful to poetry. The music is minimalist yet extravagant, with vocals taking their fair share of space, cigarbox guitars and electronic samples creating dazzling music.

For a word enthusiast such as me, who was not familiar with the fascinating poetry of Alice Notley, I could not have dream of a better to discover it.

AroarA is touring Ontario and Quebec this autumn, I am looking forward to catch them a month from now.


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