7tracks #2 (fuck patriarchy!)

question authority

I do not own this crafty thing although I do cross stitch radical statements, send me your request.

This week has been a roller coaster of music listening sessions. In the most amazing way.

It all started when I received in my inbox the new album from Montreal alt punk duo solids. Then began my trip down a rioty rage memory lane and the feeling that I don’t listen to enough punk music anymore, not like the teenager that I once was, completly appalled at the mysogninist society we fucking live in. Unfortunately, that still is.

But solids though. There was no way this badass album would not awaken that dormant love for fast drumlines and angry guitar riffs.  I shared with you the one track that is public as of today BUT the two guys are coming up with their first LP on Oct 8th, be ready.

My recent affection for Joanna Gruesome linked me to an interview with their very own female vocalist, Alanna McArdle. Apart from being a badass performer, she shares powerful emotions on her solo project Ides. There is something reassuring about a 20yrs old’s ability at writing such honest and sad love songs.  After reading her thoughts on music inspiration and the canadian scene(oh yeah she is totally Brit but born in beloved Canada), I gave a listen to White Lung and rediscovered Nü Sensae. And I ended up spending the week filling my ears with the sounds of female musicians, not taking shit from no one. More of this please. And there is. Ex-Dum Dum Girls Frankie Rose dropped her solo album on Sept 24th and I couldn’t help but sharing another U.S. Girls track. A playlist is what I have been listening to, I have to be honest.

Tomorrow is the opening of concert season at creative space Le Pantoum. Torontians Absolutely Free while be showing us what they got and I am pretty excited for it. Hence their most recent single being one of my listen of the week.

Ah and fuck patriarchy already, like seriously.


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