The Week That Was #2

Weird Sister by Joanna Gruesome dropped last monday, ten songs blazed through in 30 minutes like the roller coaster of youth that we call adolescence. Secret Surprise is my favourite number, a pop-punk classic, coated in sugar icing. I love a band who can sing “I’ve been waiting to crush your fucking skull” as if butter wouldn’t melt.

Canadians Siskiyou‘s Keep Away The Dead rolls in like an ethereal mission statement. It’s eerie and confused but quite beautiful.

London’s Novella are worth keeping an eye on. The end track to last year’s self-titled EP, You’re Not That Cool, is a late 60s influenced wig out. It slowly builds with bluster, defiance and self-indulgent bliss.

I stumbled across Sweden’s Star Horse this week, listening to, and rather enjoying the Lust EP. As luck would have it, the very next day they released the Devour EP. Lead track Hope to Feel a Hand combines blurred and fuzzy electronics with the kind of dream pop atmospherics that only Scandinavian bands can do.

Cemeteries also do a nice line in dreaminess, so much so that I’ve started using the word “Lush” again. It might not be the most conventional place to fall in love with an album, but walking around my local supermarket on Sunday I fell for The Wilderness – being one of those charming albums that leaves you feeling both blessed and enchanted from start to finish.

Finally, I saw Traams instore at Resident Records tonight. I was pretty excited and they did not disappoint. Here is Swimming Pool, the album opener and my own personal favourite. A review will follow later this week.


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