7tracks #1(Anxiety balm)

This week, I have been listening to music capable of soothing the overpowering feeling that there isn’t enough time…That uncomfortable feeling when the grip you have is slightly loosening until you lose it. All uncomfortable stress aside, the week has been of great musical discoveries which help with the coping. Enter this summery anxiety balm.

While U.S. Girls gives her take on dealing with Ol’ Aunt Flow on 28 days, Pure Bathing Culture blissfuly sings a vocally majestic sad song. The kind that pinches your heart while making you smile. Badass all-female lo-fi pop punk ensemble The Courtneys are paying tribute to beautiful Beverly Hills. Kisses and Young Galaxy both made me forget the rest with an impromptu dance session, filled with dreamy pop notes. EONS(my review here) and London Grammar(Hey Now)  show honesty and that is all that matters.

All this beautiful music did not magically create more time for me, but it certainly is worth an attentive listening.


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