The Week That Was #1

This week i’m mostly going to be writing in the style of Traams…

Talking of which…

My Sussex brethren Traams blistering debut LP hit the stores today, the lead single Flowers encapsulating their frantic, poppy and at times desperate sound. Be careful, or you might just find yourself pogoing around, gasping for air.

Moving from brand new to distant past (2011, to be precise) Edinburgh School For The Deaf have possibly the best band name ever, and of Scottish Blood and Sympathies is a classic slice of beautiful vocals and smudged shoegaze. Nice.

Staying in Scotland (and in 2011) Remember Remember sound a little bit like a haunting yet touching Max Richter score, which works for me.

And talking about Max Richter, the internet tells me Canadians Memoryhouse named themselves after his record of the same name. AnneMarie sent me these guys, and The Kids Were Wrong has such an infectious and heart-warming ending that I’ve caught it, big time.

I have nothing to link Mancs Kult Country apart from the fact they are the next band in the playlist, but there is nothing so clunky about the atmospheric, soaring Slowburn.

And if it’s a slow burner you are after, this week Wolf Alice gave us a sneak glimpse of the title track of the forthcoming EP, Blush. It’s fragile and yet confidently defiant. They keep coming out with songs quite different from their predecessors but have that wonderful knack of touching an emotional chord – heart strings I think they call them.



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