On The Radar // Summer Camp

Summer Camp Band

Have you ever galloped through a beautiful sunny field, barefoot, sensing you were invisible? You know, the sweet innocence of school-is-over freedom. The sheer excitement of packing your bags for summer camp, knowing that mom & dad won’t have a clue of what will happen during those warm weeks, those long days and short nights, the ones where you’ll become this carefree but sensible teenager, aching for excitement, passionate for discoveries. Well it’s autumn now, ten, fifteen years later and you might just get a glitch of that feeling again.

The last warm breezes of September are well suited for the release of this canny LP. Filled with astute loopy drumlines topped by disco-esque keyboard notes, Summer Camp resemble a coming of age poppy dream, something to revive the nostalgia of the young-at-hearts, to melt the troubles away.  The gifted London duo formed of Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey mix charming, sultry female vocals to dramatic yet uplifting electronic effects, singing sadness and heartbreak with a keeping-the-faith vibe.  The couple manage to create what could be the soundtrack of a first love, beautifully arranged to make the summer last forever.


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